Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Welcome to the Richard Stuart Family blog!

Here is the latest update on our family:
  • We now live in Kaysville, UT.
  • Richard works for Seminaries & Institutes in the Church office building in SLC.
  • Pam is attending the temple in Bountiful once a week, playing taxi, and volunteering at the local elementary school.
  • Jessica just finished all her classes at SVU after returning from her mission in Tempe Arizona and is now working on her Senior paper so she can graduate in April. She is working for SVU, managing over 30 individuals in the call center.
  • Michael is attending LDSBC after returning from his mission to Carlsbad California last year and is working in Media Services in the Church office building. He is currently living in SLC and loving it!
  • Erica is attending SVU and is working as a nanny in Lexington, VA. She is planning on coming out to Utah after the semester is over and completing her degree here in Utah.
  • Andrea finally turned 16 and is driving and dating. She attends Davis High School along with 2500 other youth. She is in the Marching Band and loves photography and ceramics.
  • Spencer is now in 5th grade and recently took 3rd place in the Columbia Elementary Geography Bee. He just finished Cub Scouts with his Arrow of Light and is now working in the Scouting program. 
As you can see we are all very busy, but extremely happy. We enjoyed the holidays together as a family and look forward to when we are all back home together in the summer. 

Please feel free to come visit us anytime. We have plenty of room!


  1. oh my goodness! I remember my little Erica in Primary! I was the primary Chorister when she was 11! Your family is so so cute! We are just in Bountiful! We should meet up and catch up sometime!

  2. Hi Jamie, we would love to catch up. You are welcome to our home any time. Next time you are in SLC come see me at the Church office building.

  3. That's my family and love all of them!!!!

  4. We all miss you out here in good ol' Virginia!

    1. We miss everyone too. We will be back for graduation though. :)

  5. Update the blog! :-) Love Buck and Whitni